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Reversing the tides of change


Commissioned for The Frost Science museum's Wet Lab, this artwork accurately portrays the declining health of Florida's reef ecosystem while highlighting important species and the restoration work by their scientists and volunteers. Through intricate details and vivid imagery, the drawing raises awareness about pressing environmental issues. It showcases challenges such as bleaching corals and diminishing fish populations, emphasizing the urgency to protect this fragile habitat. The careful selection of colors and textures vividly captures the essence of the reef's declining health. The drawing also emphasizes the remarkable restoration work undertaken by dedicated individuals. It portrays significant species, like Pillar Coral, Staghorn Coral and Long-Spined sea urchins, emphasizing their importance in maintaining a balanced ecosystem. By featuring unique marine life, the artwork encourages viewers to recognize their value and the role they play in reef health. It serves as a powerful educational tool, inspiring visitors to take action in protecting these vital underwater habitats and appreciating the ongoing conservation efforts.

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