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Coral Expedition


Presented at the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro, Coral Expedition was an ode to the ocean environment and the role played by coral reefs in it. The subject of this show was to celebrate the history of coral reef studies in Brazil. Envisioned by Coral Vivo, a NGO that leads public policies, education and research on coral reef conservation and sponsored by Petrobrás (the largest oil company in Brazil). The installation represented a dead and exposed coral reef, completely bleached and filled with trash. It was the concluding piece of the show alerting the damage cause by coral bleaching and plastic pollution to the ocean environment. The show was to be on view for one year. Sadly, after three months the Museum caught fire everything inside of it was lost. Besides three years of work over 200 thousand objects of historical value burned, along with the oldest fossil skeleton found in Latin America, which was a woman and her name was Luzia.

Exhibition view of carcass installation
coral expedition install close up
coral expedition installation view
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