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Heliotropic Seekers


Site-specific installation commissioned by the City of Miami Beach for the Temporary Art in Public Places project Elevate Española. The work invites the public to walk underneath an energetic representation of endemic fish and coral species from the Florida Reef Tract. Each shape, like a puzzle piece, is a laser cut plexiglass silhouette secured on the cable lines with hanging wires. This work celebrates the diversity, interdependence and resilience of our marine ecosystem. The mural adjacent to the hanging piece, was made in collaboration with students from Miami Beach Senior High in a two part workshop where they learned about the importance of coral reefs and how to make their own fish stencils. 

09_ Heliotropic Seekers.jpg
10_ Heliotropic Seekers.jpg
Heliotropic seekers mural_low.jpg
Heliotropic seekers_.jpg
Heliotropic Seekers_low.jpg
vertical from above.jpg
Heliotropic detail.jpg
09_Heliotropic Seekers.jpg
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