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Into the Great Dying: Steps We Take


A site specific interactive installation that shows the accelerated destruction of the our natural world and the role we humans play in it. The installation serves as a mirror on a microcosm level that reveals the macrocosm action. Invited to walk across a room filled with unfired casted clay sculptures of different coral species, a project that took five years to conceptualize and four months to make, spectators toppled over it and pulverized the sculptures in under thirty minutes. This installation was part of a group show at the Art and Cultural Center of Hollywood called C[o]ral Stories and Collective Actions curated by Meaghan Kent and Ombretta Agró Andruff.


After destruction, there is always time and space to rebuild a new version of what was lost. The day after the opening reception, the museum hosted a workshop led by the artist to teach the attendees how to make coral sculptures. The pieces made on that day will be part of a large shoreline public art installation for World Oceans Day 2022.

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