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Carcass is a hand built ceramic installation that approaches the theme of ocean degradation through the lenses of coral bleaching, coral harvesting and plastic pollution. Each sculpture is a thoughtful curation that shows endangered species from the Florida Reef Tract such as Elkhorn, Staghorn, Pillar and Brain corals amongst others that are suffering a mass extinction due to human stressors. These sculptures are surrounded by ceramic pieces of everyday trash elements that ends up in the ocean and laid on top of a sand bed. All sculptures are only fired once, making them more fragile and susceptible to breakage just like corals themselves. My goal is to create the feeling that corals emit by portraying the vast array of species, textures, and shapes that exist in a reef while also showing the effects of the phenomena that are devastating these extremely delicate beings. 


Carcass was part of No Vacancy, a contemporary art happening that celebrates artists, promotes critical discourse and invites the public to experience Miami Beach’s famed hotels as destination art spaces and temporary galleries. No Vacancy is an international art competition spanning 22 days on Miami Beach with 12 exhibits at 12 different hotels presented during Art Week. This installations was shown at the lobby of Esmé Miami Beach, 1438 Washington Avenue. 

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