What Remains Is Fading Quickly

The series What Remains is Fading Quickly addresses the panoply of endangered species on the Florida Reef track, the continuous effects of coral bleaching and the repercussions of illegal coral harvesting to display dead corals as decoration. Some of the species portrayed in these sculptures are: Pillar Coral, Staghorn Coral, Elkhorn Coral, Brain Coral and Star Coral. 

Some of the species I focus on are:

Pillar Coral -  a functionally extinct coral in Florida that now can only be found in the Caribbean.

Elkhorn Coral - once the most present coral in the reef and now extremely hard to find.

Staghorn Coral - a critically endangered species that many marine labs in Florida are focused on growing to  out plant them onto degraded reefs.

Brain Coral - a very known species that its population have declined severely due to less know diseases like white band, black band and stony coral tissue lost disease.

Star Coral - a very important reef building coral that is vanishing from reef all over Florida.